Mazzarella Elayne, Director Yale University  New York  Washington

"Air Level 1 has been a pleasure to work with in upgrading and designing two websites for us. They are very responsive to all needs, highly motivated and very creative. They completed the work they were given in a timely fashion while maintaining exceptionally high professional standards. I think Josh Jennings has an excellent rapport with his clients and I found him to be insightful, diligent and very congenial."

Michael Peters, Partner Street Systems, LLC

"When I initially started my technology consulting practice there was a long list of tasks to complete. I understood the importance of presenting a professional and well organized image for my company. A well thought out and easy to navigate web site was at the top of my list. With all of my contacts in the technology industry I sought out Airlevel1 to be my partner. Airlevel1 created the image for my company that has assisted me in selling to new clients and supporting existing ones. I recommend partnering with Airlevel1 and applying focus to your company's image."

W. J. McFadden Wellington Shields & Co

"We desperately needed to update our ageing website. After asking around, we found Airlevel1 to offer the best value based on services offered and their ‘can do’ attitude. It’s been a pleasure working with Josh, he has completed all milestones at or before deadlines. He is thorough, diligent and easy to work with, I would recommend their services to anyone."

Erica Klein, Partner ThoughtLeadershipWriter.com

"Air Level 1 were true collaborators who brought smarts, experience and creativity to the process of developing a beautifully designed website for ThoughtLeadershipWriter.com. They delivered on time and on budget, and I was very pleased with the results, as well as their overall process, as they added tremendous value every step of the way. My website subsequently ranked number 1 2 or 3 in Google based on the keywords my prospective clients use to find a writer or strategist who specializes in thought leadership for the financial services or technology industries. My sincere gratitude goes to Air Level 1 for their exceptional design and development work."