It's all in the planning....

What differentiates us is our ability to listen. After years of experience, we have honed
our process to fine art, ensuring that your vision and brand become an online reality.

Requirements & Discovery

This stage helps define your needs and expectations. This helps us know where to start, continue and cross the
finish line. It includes the following:

  • Site Planner: The planner is crucial in helping us understand your goals. It helps us understand your needs including
    technology, design, branding, etc... This document is a spring-board for the next step.
  • Client Interview: Getting personal is what it's all about. After laying the groundwork we get to meet and discuss the various
    facets of the build; solidifying all of the goals that comprise the entirety of your project as well as the means to bring it
    to fruition.
  • Project Brief: After learning the ins-and-outs, we create a project brief delineating the scope of the project so that you and
    our production team are aligned. Some of the elements include the big picture, project summary, business objectives, date for
    launch, target audience, strategy and costs.

Usability and Information Architecture

This is a snazzy way of saying that we need to make sure your site funcitons in accordance with your target
audience's expectations. There is nothing pretty about form without function.

  • User Focus: What is the target audience and how will they get what they need?
  • Competitive Review: A high-level analysis of what your competition is doing is a great place to start. What they are doing right (and wrong) helps you have the competitive edge you need.
  • Content Analysis and Outline: This is where it gets exciting. Taking everything that we have learned, we develop and categorize the content
    of your site as well as the actionable elements that your site will contain.

Design & Implementation - Mocks, HTML, CSS, & Code

Look and feel, techno-babble and everything in between.

  • Graphic Mocks: Before we begin production, you will receive graphic representations of how the homepage and internal pages will look.
  • Optimization: Once the graphics are approved we begin implementation by making the site a viable online presence.
  • Programming: Functionality is brought to life.
  • Stake-Holder Final Review: We are about to one last look before we go live.

Post Production

What's next? Now that your site is ready to go live, we take you through the final steps to ensure a successful launch. We’re always standing by, ready to address any urgent needs or sudden changes in your plan.

  • Metrics: What are your visitors doing? Are they taking the actions that you wanted? Are they buying product, getting the
    information that they need, etc.?
  • Content Management: keeping your content up-to-date will ensure repeat visitors.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Continue the process of getting the word out and ensure that you are being seen by
    all major search engines.

Are you ready to get started on your project?

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